Most people have a hard time drinking enough water for various reasons the big one being the lack of flavor. It is not the most exciting liquid to drink, but it is a key component of your healthy lifestyle. You should drink on average 64 ounces of water each day, which is 8 – 8oz glasses or ½ gallon of water per day.

Taking it one step at a time is what will help you make the overall change. Start by drinking a glass of water before every meal or snack. If you eat 3-5 meals/snacks per day, drinking that glass beforehand will get more than half of the required water intake in for that day. Plus, it will fill your stomach and may result in you eating less at that meal or snack. It will be hard at first, but after creating that healthy habit, your body will crave the water making it much easier to consume each day.

Once you have mastered drinking a glass of water before your meal or snack, try to follow your meal with a glass of water. This may be more difficult because you will be full, but just keep working at it and soon it won’t be a difficult task. Drinking that water afterward will aid the digestion process as well, another added bonus!

Many people say their biggest problem with the higher water intake is the frequent trips to the restroom. ? It’s just like with anything else, your body must build a tolerance for being able to drink that much water and hold more amounts for a longer period of time. Similar to your fitness journey, increasing your water intake won’t be easy, but it is possible if you keep working at it.

Instead of drinking the plastic 16oz water bottles though out the day, try to use a reusable bottle that can hold 20-32 ounces. Not only are you getting double the amount of water out of one bottle, but you also do not have to refill as often. This can also help you see how much you have left and motivate you to drink more! And, it saves on the environment. So, a win-win situation!

We all know drinking water may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, but it can help for so many reasons. Drinking water can help curve hunger, fill you up faster, clear up your skin, and give you energy! Keep drinking that water and it will pay off! Just like a session in the studio, take it one step at a time!