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Each trainer at My House Fitness of Allen has a different, yet effective, training style. So, it’s very easy to match clients with a trainer they will enjoy. And, clients can move between trainers if they want to switch things up! We hire trainers that have a national training certification, experience, and a passion for helping people achieve their goals.

Jerome: personal trainer at My House Fitness of Allen


I was born in Houston and moved to Duncanville in 1992 where I went to high school and played basketball and baseball. I graduated from UNT in 2001 with degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice. I became a Personal Trainer in 2002 through ISSA, spent 5 years training at the Park Cities YMCA, and then 10 years in Corporate Wellness for Preferred Care Partners Management Group in Plano. I married Ann in 2012 became a stepdad to my only son, Preston, who is now at Allen High School. I enjoy Personal Training because I get to take multiple journeys with great people and help them get to a better place. My clients always enjoy the journey and also like my brand of… FUN!


I was born and raised in California and recently made the big move to Texas with my boyfriend, John. I spent 6 years in the athletic world as a cheer leading coach and an operations manager for Champions Quest Athlete Academy. During that time I realized how important proper strength training is not only for athletes, but people of all fitness levels. I got my personal training certificate in 2016 and have since helped a wide range of clients, from high school athletes wanting improved performance, to senior citizens needing assistance with basic fitness and functional movements. I enjoy personal training because it is very rewarding, I truly love helping people set and reach fitness goals, as well as learn why health and fitness are so important to every day life. I wouldn’t spend my days doing anything else, I love pushing people past their limits to help them reach their goals.

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My House Fitness Personal Trainer - Juli, in Allen, TX


I am a personal trainer, Tabata/HIIT expert, Insanity/Cycle/Group Fitness instructor, and also a mother to two beautiful teenage girls. I gained a strong passion for health and fitness after having difficulty losing weight after my second child was born. I was 36 and had never had a weight issue. I wondered what was going on? So I started working out harder and doing more research on what it takes to be healthy. I found the science behind muscle development and how much nutrition is linked to health and fitness to be fascinating. I was hooked and my love for health and fitness was born. I wanted to share my knowledge and passion with everyone. For the last ten years, not only am I in the best health of my life, but I have helped numerous people also achieve superior health and fitness.

We're conveniently located at the Village at Allen, a few doors down from Barbeques Galore and across from Sushi Axiom.

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