track what you eat

Studies reveal that tracking food intake can lead to more successful weight loss and healthy habits. Writing down what you eat for one week can be surprising and often shocking, and perhaps produce better results!

The only way to truly know (if you dare) how many calories are consumed AND what you are really eating, is to write it down, record it, text it to yourself, whatever it takes. A side note worth mentioning is taking pen to paper and handwriting versus typing, emailing, or texting it, seems to create a more profound effect. The theory behind this is that it takes longer to write something versus typing or texting, giving our subconscious mind more time to process and absorb. But either method will provide insight.

How to do it: Record every single bite you put in your mouth. Doing this for one, solid week or even a few days every month or so will provide tremendous insight, especially if you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or learn the reason behind low energy or energy fluctuations. It is not necessary to weigh or count calories. Merely writing it down will be enough to surprise you. Studies reveal that people who track and record their food intake are more successful at losing weight and sticking to a health filled diet.

Need more help in creating a successful diet plan? We offer Nutrition Counseling, which is a great addition to our Personal Training.