A big part of your fitness journey must include healthy eating habits. For those serious about losing weight and eating healthy, meal prepping is a huge help and a game changer when it to their goals. Meal prepping is where you set aside one day per week to put together your meals. Many choose Sunday, right before the week starts, and prep for the entire week. Where others may prep for only two days because they want to use very fresh foods.

You might be surprised to learn that meal prepping does not have to mean full meals or both lunch and dinner. Maybe your snacking is your challenge where you find yourself at the vending machine at 10am and 4pm every day. Meal prepping a few healthy snack options the night before could be your answer to saving money by avoiding those unhealthy snacks as you stroll past the break room.

Here are some tips to make meal prepping a little easier and a little more simple.

Start Small

Meal prepping can be a bit intimidating when you need to plan for and make multiple meals for multiple days! So, start with prepping your healthy snacks. It’s simple and easy and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. From there you can add breakfast or lunch, and so on.

Invest in Containers

Obviously we all like to cut corners, it is human nature and some things just aren’t cheap. But, investing in some good containers is an important part of meal prepping. We don’t buy cheap, expired food do we? Nope! So, along the same lines, we don’t want to spend a few hours to prepare these amazing meals just to let them go to waste because your containers don’t seal properly or aren’t spill proof and end up on your floor boards.

Make a Grocery List

After you have figured out the meals or snacks for the week, make sure you look through your fridge and pantry and make an actual grocery list for the items you still need. Don’t set yourself up for failure by getting back home from the store realizing you completely forgot the chicken or broccoli. That will be your excuse to wait until next week to start your healthy meal planning. Instead, make that grocery list to ensure you are equipped for a successful day of meal prepping!

Choose Foods You Truly Enjoy

Don’t try to be like the body builder you follow on social media who only eats chicken and rice for weeks at a time. Switch up your meals, try something new and choose foods that you actually find worth eating. Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to try it. Make sure you enjoy the foods so you want to continue meal prepping.

Meal prepping may not be for you, or you may end up loving it. But don’t set yourself up for failure before you even start, try out some of our tips to help get you ready for your new adventure.