thanksgiving meal

If Thanksgiving has you wondering how NOT to undo all the effort put forth into your nutrition and workouts, keep reading.

Thanksgiving is more than indulging and stuffing ourselves until we fall into a turkey coma. Why not enjoy and indulge in a way that leaves you feeling in control, super satisfied, fueled for your next workout and at the same time, feeling great the next day about choices you made today.

While portion control sounds crazy on Thanksgiving, this is the #1 rule. It is totally possible if you remain present, mindful, and think ahead. No deprivation, only intentional choices, and mindful eating. If you eat slowly and savor each bite, your tummy and brain will have a chance to stay caught up and feel full (or fuller) before reaching for second helpings. This does not mean you cannot go back for seconds, just pay attention to how you are feeling and listen to your body. This will keep you from overstuffing yourself. Believe me, your body and mind will thank you!

Here is how portioning out your meal works. Divide your plate into four portions. The first two portions will be larger, loaded with plenty of green veggies and a nice helping of turkey. The other two portions will be smaller, mindfully filled with your favorite carbs such as potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes. Gravy and cranberry sauce will take up the 4th portion of your plate. Again, remember to eat slowly and savor. What’s the hurry? Eat protein and veggies first, followed by potatoes, stuffing, yams, and other carbs

Dessert? I did not forget. Leave yourself an hour or better yet, a couple of hours after the meal before cutting yourself a slice of pumpkin or pecan pie. This will leave you something to look forward to while enjoying the game or your favorite holiday movie.

Remember, the key is portion control. Placing your pie on a saucer size plate can also help with portion size.

Now go indulge sensibly, enjoy your favorite dishes, and celebrate this season of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving.🧡🦃