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Everyone’s results will vary and we don’t guarantee that you will achieve the same results, but these are real people who have experienced results through their fitness journey at My House Fitness of Allen.

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    I want to share how I got here! My clothes are different, my habits are WAY different, I’m stronger, and in a better frame of mind. I’m very grateful for you guys! …and… I look forward to sincerely the best trainer, workouts, friendships, support, and absolute results – hard to hear tone in a text but I’m happy at My House and it truly is different than any other program I’ve ever involved myself in in the past. It is different and it is working. And…I thank you guys truly ❤?

    Kimberli S

    I feel and see the progress in my clothes and how I feel. I can now get into clothes I couldn’t wear forever. And, I have received compliments from people on how much better I look. NO ONE in this lifetime has ever motivated me like Alan – not even coaches that I really liked and respected. Then, when I started working out with Tiff, she motivated me to up my game even more. Now I get to work out with Sunela and Kimberly and they too push me even harder to “keep up”. I think we all have formed some amazing friendships so that is just icing on the cake. Nothing is better for me than putting on clothes you haven’t been able to squeeze into in a year!

    Jeannie A

    I am stronger than I’ve ever been, I feel fantastic and my clothes have gone down to a small. I’m thrilled. Thanks also for Alan. He’s pretty amazing! I can’t imagine being where I am without his encouragement, motivation, and most importantly, his belief in me.

    Tiffany V

    I’ve been under Alan’s regimen for about a month and I’m already seeing some dramatic changes. I played a league soccer match last week, and I only subbed out once the entire time. But for the duration I felt great, played great, and my 41-year-old legs were somehow able to keep up with the younger guys.

    Deep M

    I just saw assessment update, wholly cow!! Dropping 7 points in body fat % is AMAZING… weight dropped a few pounds in total, but look at the shift between the lean and fat mass, that is awesome!!

    Tim K

    Thank you Jodi, Allan and my house family…. I love being apart of the family… I am grateful for all your support and keeping me strong and fit, I am also grateful for the wonderful friendships.

    Fay H

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