With the holidays upon us and the new year quickly approaching, some people have started to think about their 2020 resolutions. Then, there are those so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that those types of thoughts have not yet come to mind. So, which ever group you may fall into, My House Fitness of Allen would love to share some tips regarding your fitness resolutions!

The new year is all about a fresh start, improving areas of your life, and a time to knock out some goals. It is always better to start with small, attainable, and short-term goals. If working out isn’t the most enjoyable thing for you and you find it hard to get into the studio, set a smaller goal of 1 or 2 workouts per week for the first month. A goal of 5-6 days per week may be unattainable which will ultimately lead to disappointment. So, only after you have mastered 1-2 days per week, should you move on to more days. Just remember, anything is better than nothing and any improvement (big or small) is great change!

The workout facility selection is very important. You need to feel welcome, comfortable and safe from injury. Big gym advertisements can seem enticing. But, once inside the gym, it can be intimidating with large numbers of people with a wide range of skills and fitness levels … all working out around you. If that isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend our small private studio, where everyone is family, no one is judged, you do not need to know what to do, our Trainers will provide proper instruction, AND there won’t be over 100 people working out at the same time as you. If this sounds good, then My House Fitness of Allen is the better choice for you. Both fitness concepts are good, it just depends on your taste. Picking the one you feel most comfortable with will make for an easier transition and can result in long term success.

To reduce the chances of plateauing once you have started your fitness journey in 2020, you need to switch things up to keep your body guessing! Doing the same set of exercises every time you hit the gym will result in boredom and will stagnate your progress, which in turn will cause you to lose interest. When working with a personal trainer, you do not need to worry about that happening. Our trainers customize and vary every workout session to keep you motivated and engaged, keep you from plateauing, and keep you on the path to meeting those goals.

As you make those fitness resolutions, just remember three things … set short-term attainable goals, select a comfortable workout environment, and keep your body guessing by changing things up. It is a fact that most resolutions are broken within three weeks, so we hope that our tips will help you beat that statistic and keep your fitness resolution all year long!