Today we are going to discuss the popular question … Do you need to supplement your training sessions by being active on your days off? A lot of people workout on average 3-5 days a week, but there are some people who are only able to get in 1-2 days a week due to their busy schedules. We always recommend working up a sweat at least 3 days a week. So, for those who can fit in only 1-2 days should finish reading this article!

At My House Fitness of Allen, it’s all about our clients and keeping them accountable. Clients learn to love their scheduled sessions because the appointment forces them to get to the studio on time without letting the excuse game get in the way. After their 30-minute session, they feel great about their accomplishment and then move on to their next responsibility for the day. On their days off, we always remind our clients to keep moving to stay accountable to their goals by incorporating the following ideas:

  • Walking is so good for you! A walk on your days off will help you stay active and break a sweat. Plus, as an added bonus, it is also a great way to help clear your mind and take a mental break.This is so simple, so easy, and doesn’t take much effort at all. Carve out 30-45 minutes each day for a brisk walk. If there is no time, you can always:
    • Park far away (instead of searching for the closest parking spot) from the store.
    • Take the steps instead of the elevator.
    • Take a lap around the house when you need to use the restroom.
    • Walk on a treadmill while watching your favorite show.
  • Swimming is a great option for your days off from training. And, in Texas, most people have pools or access to one, so there is no excuse NOT to take advantage of it! Swimming is great aerobic exercise that doesn’t add a lot of stress to your joints making it the perfect supplement to your training sessions. Not only is it good for the body and the heart, it also can be super enjoyable, which makes it a great option for the day your training session is not on your “to-do-list”.
  • Hiking can be enjoyable and a challenging workout at the same time! Getting outdoors is always good for your health and well-being, but it is also really good for the body. Hiking consists of a lot of leg work and the chance to get your heart rate up and working. If you live in a location that has a hiking trail or mountains of some sort, we highly recommend you grab your water and sneakers and get outside and work those legs.
  • Cleaning your house is typically considered a boring task that people don’t often prioritize. For those lazy weekend days where you don’t want to get out of your house for your workout, turn your cleaning into a workout! Things like vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning baseboards on your hands and knees can help you break a sweat and burn those calories!
  • This last one is for all of the people who have desk jobs. Stand up at work, get up and get moving! Although this may seem obvious, many people don’t realize how long they sit at work before getting up. Make it a goal while at work to get up out of your chair every hour on the hour. Use the restroom, grab some water, walk to a printer on the other side of the office, or even go talk to your coworker instead of emailing or calling them. Walking meetings have been utilized at some companies, which are a great team building activity as well. Anything to get you up and moving for at least 5 minutes. It is so easy to do and you will feel a lot better at the end of the day, instead of realizing you just sat for 8 hours straight.

These tips may seem too simple or even silly, but we promise that they work. A healthy life-style doesn’t have to be tough or sporty. It starts with discipline and simplicity. Supplementing your training sessions with these ideas on your days off will help you achieve your fitness goals faster and make you feel good about yourself! And, that is why we recommend it. Because, at My House Fitness of Allen, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!!