Guaranteed Results

How Does Our Guarantee Work?

You will work together with your trainer to come up with goals that are achievable, and a plan that will help meet those goals. The plan will probably include regular training/workout plans, as well as diet and nutrition guidelines. You must agree to faithfully abide by the plan throughout the course of your time with us.

The trainer will track your progress so that you will see your results over time.

At the end of the agreed upon time period, if you have not yet reached your goals, we will arrange to continue your training sessions at a reduced rate.

You must inform us BEFORE you begin that you would like to invoke the guarantee. The goals must be agreed upon by both you and the trainer. If you don’t stick to the plan, you probably won’t achieve the results you desire. You can’t train twice a week and then eat whatever you want and expect us to work a miracle.

This is NOT a “Money Back Guarantee”. The purpose is NOT for you to receive free training if you don’t meet your goals. The purpose is to get you results. We have worked with MANY clients over the years, and the vast majority are satisfied with the results they achieved.

We want YOU to be satisfied, as well. If you put in the work, you will see your efforts pay off.

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, improved overall fitness, or all of the above, we can get you there.