Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is so important to your health, but getting a good night of sleep can be challenging or even impossible at times. So, we are going to share three tips that may eliminate the need to count those crazy sheep each night, which in turn can lead to better workouts and a lot more energy throughout the day. Let’s go over a few simple and easy tips that could change your life!

Tip #1 – Get into bed earlier.

Yes, it is that simple. Start your night by putting those pjs, grab your glass of water to put next to your bed, and jump into the big squishy square 30 minutes to an hour earlier. With the busy schedules and never ending “to do” list, many people do not realize how late they end up getting into bed each night. But, your body needs time to decompress and fall into the sleep mode, so the later you go to bed, the later you will fall asleep. Set your next day up for success by starting your bedtime routine earlier the night before.

Tip #2 – Turn off all electronics.

We are all guilty of this. You get into bed on time, but then start scrolling through Facebook and other social media sites when you really don’t need to be. And then before you know it, an hour has passed and you are wide awake! Make sure you are caught up on your social media sites BEFORE you get into bed or set your timer for 5 minutes to wrap up your screen time. When that alarm goes off, set your phone down so your brain can unwind and send you into sleep mode.

Tip #3 – Get moving.

This is a fitness blog, so of course our final tip is fitness related. Have you ever noticed those days where you do absolutely nothing but lay on the couch and when it comes time for bed, you feel like your brain is moving a million miles per minute? If you did nothing all day but stare at a TV why would your brain and your body be tired? It is like a child who naps right before bed time and then can’t fall asleep, your body and brain are rested so they don’t feel the need for sleep. Get up, get moving, get active, even if that means a walk around the block. Give your body and brain a reason to be ready to go to sleep!

Sleep helps restore your body, lessens your sick days and serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease, reduces stress, improves your mood, and helps you think more clearly. So, why not follow these three tips every day to keep you health, wealthy and wise!