What’s for Breakfast?

There are so many people that have that same question, “What should I eat for breakfast?” If you need some quick, easy AND healthy breakfast ideas, we have three favorites that you will enjoy!

1. A good source of protein, carbs and healthy fats is the perfect way to start any morning. Avocado toast is a fan favorite for many people and is easy to prepare and take with you as you head out for your day. Toast a piece of whole wheat bread and spread with 1/2 avocado. You can seasoning, such as pepper. ‘Everything but Bagel’ from Trader Joe’s is always a huge hit as well! The whole wheat bread is a good amount of carbs and the avocado provides higher amount of healthy fats and protein, so it is a great combination! If you want even more protein, adding one egg gives you an additional 9 grams of protein! Whichever way you decide to have your avocado toast in the morning, it will be perfect to start your day!

2. Oatmeal is our second choice for a healthy start to your day. Overnight oats have become such a popular food choice for those early risers! You prepare the oatmeal before you go to bed making it an easy grab and go food the next morning. Just like the avocado toast, if you have a bit more time in the morning or feel like you may need a little more fuel for your day, you can add blueberries, strawberries, or even bananas to the oatmeal. Sprinkling some honey and granola into your bowl can help raise the nutritional value of the bowl as well as add some flavor. This is another quick, easy, AND healthy option plus it is very filling, which keeps your energy up throughout the morning!

3. Our third and final recommendation is an Egg Muffin. This takes a little more prep time but can be done the night before and reheated in the morning. Scramble one or two eggs with a small amount of milk and add your favorite things to spice up the recipe. Bacon, ham, onion, peppers, or spinach are some good options! Pour into the muffin tin pan cups and bake for approximately XX minutes. This breakfast is packed with healthy proteins, fats, and carbs. Grab one or two while you head out the door for a quick, easy, and yummy breakfast.

We hope you try and enjoy our breakfast ideas because good day and a good workout starts with a healthy breakfast!