We all know how fun AND how exhausting the holiday season can be every year. From the holiday preparations, parties, and possibly the Elf of the Shelf planning ?… to long family nights and a LOT of food, it can take a toll on you pretty fast. Although everyone loves the holidays, they do not always love what comes with it, especially when it has to do with facing your trainer after you had those 3 extra cookies after dinner.

As trainers we know it can be tough to come back to your workout routine after taking a few days off to enjoy family time and some good food. We would like to share a few ways that can help you feel motivated and excited about coming back after a holiday break.

Water! We talk about this in almost every post because it is SO important. Make sure you are keeping up with your water intake during the holiday season. We know adult beverages are consumed at most holiday parties and we aren’t necessarily saying not to partake. Instead, make sure you add some water between the party favorites so you ensure your water consumption is where it should be. Lack of water puts your body into a state of dehydration which makes for an unsafe and not so fun workout.

Portion control! Practicing portion control can be very challenging at times, especially during the holidays. Again, we aren’t telling you to not eat and enjoy the season. Instead, enjoy those holiday goodies by limiting yourself to 1 or 2. That way, you still get to enjoy the fun holiday foods but won’t regret it when you return to the studio.

Do not dread your next workout! Even though it might seem like a trainer’s goal is to torture you with sit ups and ball slams, that is really not what we are trying to do! We want you to enjoy the studio as much as we do. So for your first workout back, look at it from a positive perspective. You have just enjoyed a few days of family time and good food and want to take those extra carbs and use them as fuel during your workout. You can sweat it all off andeasily get back on track!

We know how fun the holiday times can be and we certainly want you to enjoy every bit of it! We just don’t want you to dread coming back to the studio and continue toward reaching your goals. Try out these tips during this holiday season and let us know how they work for you!