InBody measurement tool

Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 270 is a cutting edge instrument to accurately measure body composition. This is an integral tool in helping you meet your fitness goals.

All clients of My House Fitness of Allen use the InBody 270 as part of their plan, at no extra cost.

Why Do We Use the InBody 270?

It's Fast

It takes only a few seconds for a measurement.

It's Accurate

No guesswork or estimations involved.

It's Informative

You and your trainer will the info you need.

What is Body Composition?

Body composition is a way of looking at the basic components of your body, just as it sounds. Some of the components include fat, muscle, bone, water, and tissue. It’s a way of evaluating your overall fitness.

Body weight and body mass index (BMI) are the most popular measurements of fitness, but they are very basic compared to body composition.

Instead, body composition is a much deeper look at your fitness level. It is also an important tool in planning your training program so that you can achieve your goals. In other words, it’s a more accurate way of evaluating your fitness level.

For example, it’s possible to lose body fat but not lose any weight. This can happen in the early stages of a weight loss program. It can even be a good sign. But if you looked only at your weight or BMI, you would think you aren’t making any progress.

In fact, what might be happening is that you’re losing fat but also gaining muscle at the same time. The changes would cancel each other out, in terms of your overall weight. But a body composition analysis would tell you what was going on. You’d be able to see that your percentage of fat was decreasing while your muscle was increasing.

man taking a measurement on the InBody 270

How is Body Composition Measured?

There are several different ways to measure your body composition. Most of them require fairly expensive equipment.

The easiest and most common way is to do a skinfold test. Skinfold calipers are used to pinch the body in specific areas, such as your thigh and stomach. By measuring the skinfold thickness, we can estimate the percentage of body fat. The skinfold test can have a large margin of error, but it’s easy and economical. This is what most Personal Trainers use.

One of the newer and more convenient methods to measure body composition uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA measures electrical current traveling through your body. Muscle tissue and fat offer different conductivity, allowing us to measure how much muscle or fat your body has.

The InBody 270 is the instrument we use here at My House Fitness of Allen. It provides a quick and painless way to do a body composition analysis.

The InBody 270 measures the percentage of your body fat, how much muscle mass you have, and the amount of water in your body. The actual report it produces is a bit more complicated than that, but these are the essential measurements.

This information helps our trainers create a customized training plan so you can effectively meet your goals. By taking regular measurements, you’ll see your progress and your trainer can make adjustments accordingly.