Welcome to our new blog, called Hints on The House! At My House Fitness in Allen, Texas, we strive to help others reach their fitness goals, create healthy lifestyles, and have fun along the way! This blog is going to be all about tips, tricks and ways to help you change your life for the better. Whether you are located in the Allen, Texas area and want to visit us in person or if you aren’t local and just want to see what we are up to, this blog is perfect for you! We are so excited to welcome you to The House!

3 Ways to be Healthier

Sometimes being the healthier version of yourself can be very challenging. Today, we are going to share 3 effective and simple ways to become healthier. Drink Water! We have said it before and we will continue to say it! Drinking water is one of the best things you...

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#NEWYEARNEWYOU — Can You Actually Achieve your Fitness Goals For The New Year? Whether you are new to fitness or a veteran, a new year is always a great time to give yourself a fresh start. But, the majority of resolutions are broken within the first few weeks, so...

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What is a Good Workout Split?

A workout split can be very important when it comes to your fitness journey. A workout split is a type of workout routine that is split into different days throughout the week. Depending on how many days you are able to make it into the studio depends on the kind of...

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Simple Fitness Resolutions for 2020

With the holidays upon us and the new year quickly approaching, some people have started to think about their 2020 resolutions. Then, there are those so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that those types of thoughts have not yet come to mind. So,...

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