Welcome to our new blog, called Hints on The House! At My House Fitness in Allen, Texas, we strive to help others reach their fitness goals, create healthy lifestyles, and have fun along the way! This blog is going to be all about tips, tricks and ways to help you change your life for the better. Whether you are located in the Allen, Texas area and want to visit us in person or if you aren’t local and just want to see what we are up to, this blog is perfect for you! We are so excited to welcome you to The House!

When To Listen To Your Body

Listen, Communicate, Rely … Three Keys to Success There are many times through out your healthy lifestyle journey that you should stop what you are doing and listen to your body. Maybe it’s a new injury from picking up boxes in your garage, an old knee pain that has...

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Becoming A Morning Person

Not A Morning Person? There are many people who love to wake up before sunrise and then there are those who can’t function until noon. It’s the same in the studio … we have clients who love their 7amsessions and those who can’t fathom working out until noon. This blog...

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Life-Long Commitment

According to the ISSA… People should remember that fitness is a life-long commitment, much like eating and sleeping. And, from time to time, setbacks are totally normal. You wouldn’t try to jam all your food or sleep into one session and give up. The same is true with...

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Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

Get a Better Night’s Sleep Sleep is so important to your health, but getting a good night of sleep can be challenging or even impossible at times. So, we are going to share three tips that may eliminate the need to count those crazy sheep each night, which in turn can...

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