Welcome to our new blog, called Hints on The House! At My House Fitness in Allen, Texas, we strive to help others reach their fitness goals, create healthy lifestyles, and have fun along the way! This blog is going to be all about tips, tricks and ways to help you change your life for the better. Whether you are located in the Allen, Texas area and want to visit us in person or if you aren’t local and just want to see what we are up to, this blog is perfect for you! We are so excited to welcome you to The House!

Should You Buy Organic?

Foods You Should Always Buy Organic - Helpful tips from our Nutrition Counselor. If buying organic becomes too expensive, keep in mind that there is some produce worth the splurge. Due to their high pesticide levels, the following fruits and vegetables are among the...

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Superfoods for Super Nutrition

Here are some favorite foods from our Nutrition Coach, April: Stock your pantry with these SUPERFOODS* and give your body the nutrition it needs to feel great and stay healthy. TOP 20 SUPERFOODS Blueberries Spinach Goji Berries Walnuts Pistachios Kale Watermelon...

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Thanksgiving Meal

INDULGING THANKSGIVING DINNER WHILE STAYING ON NUTRITION TRACK If Thanksgiving has you wondering how NOT to undo all the effort put forth into your nutrition and workouts, keep reading. Thanksgiving is more than indulging and stuffing ourselves until we fall into a...

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Healthy Pancakes

REALLY??? Yes! Pancakes can be healthy, not to mention a perfect complex carbohydrate! Try this recipe to power through your next workout. •1 1/8 cup oat bran or oat flour (I love milling my own oats by using whole oats that can be blended in a nutri-bullet type mixer...

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