Did you know that BEING PRESENT can help you from overeating?

Today, life is full of stressors and distractions. With technology at our fingertips 24/7, social media and the news can distract us from staying present.

Especially during mealtimes. If you are used to eating meals in front of the television or your iPhone, try eating at the dinner table with no technology whatsoever.

Soft instrumental background music may sound inviting and this is okay as it will not distract. Gather around the table with family, friends or even alone. Concentrate on the food in front of you. Savor each bite and pay attention to the moment and remain present the best you can.

Your mind will most likely wonder, and this is okay. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to nourish your body.

Engage in positive conversation with loved-ones or just be silent.

Feed your soul and enjoy BEING PRESENT.

Living in the moment and staying present will make you more aware and keep you from overeating. Take a deep breath and enjoy!