green juiceYes! Green foods such as kale, spinach, parsley, celery, and cucumber offer superior nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, so why wouldn’t you grab a quick and convenient “green juice” at your local grocer or favorite take out spot?

In one word, SUGAR. What is often NOT advertised on the front label of a bottled green juice is the added apple juice… hence, SUGAR! And quite often, a lot of sugar!

Be aware of labels! For example, a popular bottled green juice such as Daily Greens contains apple juice as the number one ingredient. A single 15-ounce bottle contains 30 grams and 7 teaspoons of sugar. Shocking right?

There are some juices available that have less sugar such as Suja Über Greens, containing only 6 grams of sugar. However, it does taste different than the one mentioned above and will take time to adjust if you are used to a more, sweet taste.

Also, equally important is to be aware when ordering a “healthy” treat from your favorite green juice take out. Perhaps try requesting only half the amount of apple or eliminate it all together.

It might take gradually decreasing the amount of apple, allowing your taste buds to catch up and get used to less sweet, less sugar. Be patient, it is possible.

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