There are a lot of snack options out there but not very many are healthy AND convenient. Today’s post is bringing you 3 healthy AND easy snacks that you can take to work or school. Or, snacks you can eat while you are on the go or during your long commute to work!

#1 Nuts

Nuts are a power food, they are good for you and higher in protein. Some different kinds of nuts that might be the perfect fit for you are almonds, pecans, and even cashews. Nuts are one of the most convenient snacks out there, all you need to do is throw a handful into a bag and you are ready to go! But, please note that while nuts are a good source of protein, they can also be higher in healthy fats, so make sure to limit this snack to only 1 or 2 handfuls!

#2 Greek Cucumber Salad

This one is something that may take a few minutes to put together, but is still super easy. You only need a few ingredients: cucumber, tomatoes, olives, red onions, lemon juice, and some pepper. Add the chopped vegetables to a bowl or container, sprinkle with enough lemon juice and pepper to your liking, and mix! Now, you have a quick and delicious snack that you can take on the go or eat at home between meals.

#3 Turkey Snack Wraps

Turkey is always a great snack option because it is high in protein and makes for an easy and tasty snack. Pick up some sliced smoked turkey, a cheese of your choice and some guacamole (if desired). Start with a slice of turkey, place a thin layer of cheese on top, and spread a small amount of guacamole on top of the cheese. Then, simply role the turkey up and there you have the perfect turkey wrap! You can stick it in a container for an on-the-go day or keep it at home for a quick snack before you head off to the gym. So simple, easy and delicious!

All of these snack ideas are perfect for days when you are at work, before the gym when you need a little bit of energy, and even for a busy day of traveling with those long commutes. These items are also higher in protein, which can always help with building muscles after any workout. Snacking doesn’t have to be bad for you, you just need to choose the right foods that will help your body!